About Ecoflex International

The ever-present issue of end-of-life (EOL) tyre disposal has recently gained media attention, encouraging governments and major industry players including tyre manufacturers to take a proactive interest in recycling used tyres.


The Ecoflex technology is now ‘Tried Tested and Proven’ to be a safe cost effective method to recycle this valuable tyre resource. The technology uses the inherent hoop strength of the tyre to create the Ecoflex containment system.  The rubber encapsulation of the core materials provides the long life required for products used in infrastructure.


Ecoflex has developed an innovative patented technology which incorporates the unique Ecoflex intellectual property resulting in a revolutionary “Geomatrix Ground Stabilization Technology”.


The Ecoflex Technology represents a base material for the use in road sub-grade stabilisation, access roads/pavements, above ground mine and underground mine roads,  engineered retaining walls, tailing dams, erosion control, highway embankments, piling platforms, crane platforms, drilling platforms, matrix reinforcement layers, road, rail, national parks, wetlands, creeks, channel protection, storm water erosion, and protection of creek banks.  The unique features of the Ecoflex Product give engineers a myriad of design possibilities.


The state-of-the-art Ecoflex Building and Construction Technology System is combined with the latest engineering design know-how, encapsulating the enormous geo-cylindrical confinement strength of the Ecoflex unit into engineered designed and certified civil projects.


Recent projects include:


  • Sutherland Shire Council Captain Cook Drive road widening
  • Henry Kendall Gardens Retirement Living Retaining Walls
  • Hunter Expressway Alliance project
  • Pacific Highway Kempsey By-pass project
  • Hunter 8 Rail Project
  • PNG LNG Project


The Ecoflex products have many features and benefits, including an extremely long life of 120 years.  It requires minimum maintenance, has a substantial cost benefit over its competitors, is sustainable, and capable of demonstrating environmental savings of up to 70% CO2e emissions.


Ecoflex has a proven low impact on the environment and also has a positive sustainability outcome offering a solution to a global environmental waste issue. The potential of using local content on local projects makes Ecoflex extremely effective and efficient thus reducing our carbon footprint.


Ecoflex has an excellent track record of over 500 completed projects for leading blue-chip building and construction companies also for several government departments.


Ecoflex has the runs on the board in product research, development, design, innovation, quality, integrity and longevity.


The Ecoflex International Pty Ltd has the rights Produce and sell Ecoflex products and technologies worldwide and to license the technology to a broader section of the civil construction industry, throughout Australia and overseas.


Ecoflex the ‘Geomatrix Ground Stabilization Technology’ providing intrinsic engineering values – ‘The Future’s Technology Today’


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